Warranties - Heavy Duty


Every Coverage. North American Truck Coverages For 2017 X15 And ISX12 Engines Brochure5410668
Cummins 2013 Heavy Duty Coverage Brochure4971396
Cummins 2013 Heavy Duty Coverage Brochure - French4971415
North American Truck Coverages For ISX15 And ISX12 Engines Brochure4971358
North American Truck Coverages For ISX15 And ISX12 Engines Brochure - French                             4971365
Encore Xtra Trifold Brochure2878926
Encore Xtra Trifold Brochure - French5410602

Parts Warranty

EngineRegion                        Bulletin
All Engines 10-18L New Engines Parts Warranty                                           Worldwide3381213

North America Legal Bulletin

L10/M11/ISM/N14/ISX/SIG EnginesUnited States & Canada3381139

ISX11.9, ISX12, X12, ISX12 G, ISX12N, ISX15 And X15 Series Engines For EPA 2010 And Newer  

United States & Canada3381437

International Legal Bulletin

L10/M11/ISM/N14/ISG/ISX/SIG Engines                                                  International3381080
L10/M11/N14/ISM/ISX/SIG EnginesThe Caribbean3381472
L10/M11/N14/ISM/ISX/SIG EnginesLatin America3381334
L10/M11/ISM/N14/ISX/SIG EnginesAustralia & New Zealand3381669
K19 EnginesAustralia & New Zealand3381310
L10/M11/ISM/N14/ISX EnginesEurope3381443
L10/M11/ISM/N14/ISX/SIG EnginesSouth Africa3605761
L10/M11/ISM/N14/ISX/Signature EnginesKorea3381364
ISG EnginesLatin America, Mexico,
Australia/New Zealand,
And South Africa
ISM, ISG, ISX12, ISX EnginesMiddle East3381469
ISX12 G Series EnginesMexico3381475