Major Components

Extended Coverage: Major Components Plan EPA '10

Available on ISX12 engines in the United States and Canada.

Effective January 1, 2012, EPA 07 engines will only be able to purchase EPA 2010 Extended Coverage programs.   ATX Extended Coverage will not be available to purchase on EPA 07 engines.

Protection to ensure against major repair costs, no matter where your business takes you.  Major Components Plan includes:

  • Registered parts and labor
  • No deductible
  • Covers these major components:
    • Cylinder Block Casting
    • Cylinder Head Casting
    • Crankshaft Forging
    • Camshaft Forging
    • Cam Follower Assembly
    • Connecting Rods and Caps
    • Intake Manifold Castings
    • Aftercooler Housing
    • Rocker Lever Assembly
    • Rocker Lever Housing
    • Gear Train Gears
    • Brake Housing
    • Brake Piston

Major Components Coverage - EPA '10

ISX12 EPA '10 (0-459HP)

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Coverage purchase must be documented on a Cummins Customized Assurance Plan Certificate.  The certificate must be signed and dated by the customer.

For complete coverage details see legal description (Bulletin 3381410)

Questions on Coverage Content/Registration Content contact:

Local Factory Representative or Cummins Distributor

Questions on Filing Claims contact: Cummins Worldwide Claims Management